An Eco-Friendly, Woman-owned Business based in Philadelphia.

Thank you for visiting our new Internet site for more information on All Women Painting and eco-friendly paints.

Why All Women Painting?   

We are a Licensed and Insured Woman-owned, all women employee company that is Philly focused. We respect your home, your furniture, your family and your privacy.  

We use only No VOC paints and non-toxic materials.  We maintain sustainable practices in our business (and our personal life).

All Women Painting  was started by Zsuzsi Apati after completing an "old world" apprenticeship in Europe. The skills and quality workmanship, coupled with pride in a job well done, assure her clients a top quality job. Attention to every detail is one of the trademarks of All Women Painting.

But. most of all, we love what we do!

Why go Non-Toxic or Eco-Friendly?

All Women Painting cares about the health of you and your home's occupants. Most paints are derived from Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOC's, which are used to hold the paint in liquid form until it is applied. As the paint dries, VOC's help speed the process along. VOC evaporate in a process known as off-gasing. Chemicals emitted during off-gasing contribute heavily to indoor air pollution. The process of off-gasing continues for months or even years after the paint has dried.

What are VOC's and how do they affect the health of my family, my pets and the Planet?

VOC's - "volatile" means that the chemicals easily evaporate and can get into the air at normal room temperature, and "organic" means that it contains carbon - are put into paint to improve qualities like drying times, spreadability and color, and some VOC's are fungicides and pesticides. A typical paint might contain a cocktail of benzene, toluene, methylene chloride, methyl chloroform, ethylene glycol, vinyl chloride and mercury. There are two main problems with VOCs - human health, and the health of the Planet. At minimum this means dizziness or drowsiness, irritated eyes, nose and sinuses. Other more serious side-effects can be shortness of breath, nausea and depression. VOCs have been known to affect the nervous system and cause blood, liver and kidney diseases. There is some evidence they may even cause cancer or nervous system problems. Children are also more susceptible than adults to VOCs as they are still developing physically and they have higher breathing rates than adults, resulting in higher relative doses of pollutants than adults experience when exposed to the same air concentrations. This can result higher rates of asthma. VOCs react with sunlight and oxygen to form a chemical smog. This causes respiratory problems and damages plants life.

Did you know ?     About 5 per cent of environmental VOCs are from paint. VOCs worst effects, however, are in the atmosphere, where they not only contribute to the greenhouse effect, but also damage the earth's protective ozone layer. 

In addition.....

All Women Painting is Philly Focused !     We specialize in interior painting of Philadelphia homes.

We are Eco-friendly in many ways.   Our business model includes no company owned vehicles which reduces our carbon footprint. We use only Zipcar* vehicles to deliver and pick up supplies and then use public transit, bikes or walk to your job!

In addition, leftover or unused paints are donated to Habitat for Humanity and other organizations that help people.

Even darker background colors where chosen for our website to reduce energy.

We are triple bottom line focused:  People,  Planet and  Profit with a convergence on Sustainability.

*Zipcar is an international car sharing company with cars in Philadelphia.  A variety of cars are available all over the city to just use when you need them.  No paying for parking or dealing with tickets, insurance or even paying for your own gas!

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